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Applied Medical
On a demandé à un Corporate Accountant...11 mars 2023

do research and present a topic

Equity LifeStyle Properties

Strengths/weaknesses, 5 year plan, Excel proficiency, etc.


How would you describe your learning style?

Carmel Partners

How would you describe the budgeting process from start to finish?

Charles Schwab

How has your experience at school prepared you for this role?


Basically, how fast can you sort out Excel problems.

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I worked fast.


Would you rather get work done on time for the client without it being finalized or vice versa

Axiom Builders

Both interviews were conversational and behavioural in nature, the company seems focused on culture fit. One question I remember what along the lines of "if you had to put together IKEA furniture but did not have the instructions, how would you approach it?"


What is the time we recognized the FX Rate ?

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We record it when the transaction show in the bank.

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