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On a demandé à un "Director de Marketing, Relaciones Públicas y Eventos"...19 janvier 2015

Most unexpected question was ...... What to you do over and above to reach a target .

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Well i had to think a bit , and remembered back when i ran a small farm with my late husband and basically worked till dusk till dawn to get Hay in as the weather was going to change and we had to clear a field or loose alot of profit Moins


Please tell about yourself.

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Start with family, Schooling, College and other company experiences.


Molecular biology related questions

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basic knowledge and laboratory practices


adéquation aux valeurs de l entreprise

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en les confrontant positivement aux miennes


Natixis ne va pas très bien à cause de la crise, pourquoi travaillez-vous pour eux ?


Questions are very routine. Study the job responsibility and match yourself with every point they listed before the interview is essential.

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