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On a demandé à un Senior Product Manager...7 décembre 2023

Tell me about your experiences


Tell me about yourself and current company

Western & Southern Financial Group

Why am I considering leaving my current employer/role

Custom Ink

Why do you want to work for us?

DP World

Tell me about a time you had to deal with multiple priorities at the same time.


One was "describe the hardest problem you've worked on".

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I described a tough feature we'd worked on which touched on many parts of large domain, and one of the pieces of feedback I received from the hiring manager was "I had described an easy problem as a tough one" and thought I would struggle based on that. As if he had enough insight into my then-employer's tech stach, stakeholder composition, working conditions etc. All in all, it was clear he jumped into conclusions and made quick decisions based on poor to no or inaccurate analysis. Not the kind of qualities I'm looking for in a boss... ;) Moins

Ensis Technologies

Why are you interested in a career in project management? What strengths help you succeed as a project manager? What do you see as the most important skills for a project manager? What are your main weaknesses, and how are you addressing them? How do you learn about developments and trends in the project management field? How do you define project scope and objectives at the outset?


¿Qué estudias? ¿Cuántas materias te faltan para recibirte? ¿Dónde estudias? ¿Cuál es el motivo por el que estas buscando un cambio de equipo? ¿Cuáles son tus aspiraciones salarias?


Describe my prior work experience

Kin Insurance

What’s your experience with A/B testing? What is your experience with user segmentation?

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