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On a demandé à Director of Technical Account Management...28 avril 2016

Describe a scenario where an employee or peer hadn't met professional expectations. How did you deal with this situation to correct?

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If it is an employee, I want to make sure they understand what was wrong and why. If they acknowledge that it is inappropriate and unprofessional I offer suggestions to correct this in the future. After the discussion I would email my employee covering what we discussed and what steps are needed to correct the situation. This way if it is repeated behavior I have already begun documenting the issue. Moins

I answered by giving an example of providing feedback to an employee and conducting regular 1:1 meetings to both periodically communicate with an employee and provide feedback to the employee to ensure continuous growth and professional improvement. Moins

Your resume says you've done all these impressive things and I heard you were great, but I'm underwhelmed meeting with you today. What's going on?

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I was totally taken aback - and obviously offended. I kind of chuckled, half apologized and tried to reiterate that my experiences were legit and explain why I may not be living up to his expectations. The first round had gone extremely well, and this was said in a second interview by a VP. Although I was shocked and basically wanted to leave right there, it was really helpful to hear this because i knew I would have zero interest working for a person like that in an organization where that was acceptable behavior. Moins

What is the one thing Autosoft could improve upon with this software?

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Definitely how it runs reports and its ability to transfer information from software to accounting reporting. Moins

Altegra Health

Describe a time when you turned around or improved customer dissatisfaction issue

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leveraged the positive customer relationship I had to identify the facts and perceptions around the issue. interviewed those involved to uncover the root-analysis. addressed the problem to resolution. assured the customer it was fixed and monitored the situation for a period of time to ensure it didn't resurface. Moins


Tell me about yourself?

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How would you cope with the pace of the company?

Langoor Digital

About past experience, how will i contribute to this company

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Gave examples and spoke about my ambitions


Wie bin ich auf die Firma aufmerksam geworden?

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Interne Empfehlung.

nFocus Solutions

What's the most difficult thing you've had to do?

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I was tasked with marketing and sales and had no budget.

Walt Disney Company

Where do ideas for new features come from?

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Ideas should come from everyone: developers, QA, customer service, product but it is up to product to review, vet and prioritize them. Moins


What would your boss say are your weaknesses?

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The in-person interviewer grossly misinterpreted my answer and proceeded to grill me about my 'weakness' (I said I struggle not taking criticism personally which he took as 'you take criticism personally and you're an emotional woman'), outlining all the reasons I wasn't a good fit for the job because of this one answer. Moins

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