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Parkview Medical Center
On a demandé à un Director of Case Management...24 mars 2015

What is one of your greatest accomplishments?

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The BC/BS project.

Kindred Hospitals

What interested me in wanting to come to Kindred?

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I have had the opportunity to work indirectly with Kindred as a contracted provider for the HMO I work for and I have always been impressed with the outcomes, care, and professionalism Kindred has brought to the table. I was looking for an organization that has a strong reputation of care delivery with successful outcomes and Kindred was it. Moins

Workforce Solutions

1. What resources would you suggest for youth needing variety of assistance? 2. What do you see as the biggest challenge for the youth of Ellis Co.?

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1. Ellis Co Outreach, Waxahachie cares, Salvation Army, HHSC, and others. 2. Transportation from the further parts of Co. since County is 952 Sq Miles. Getting Youth to dress for success, since many of the low income families we deal with are estranged, and the youth are left to fend for themselves. Moins

Tell me how you resolve conflict

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Through effective communication and being transparent .

Tenet Healthcare

Are you willing to travel up to 75%?

Kindred Hospitals

None, I was very prepared. I had done my research on the company prior to the interview.

Palomar Health

Describe yourself in one word.

Kindred Hospitals

I was able to answer all question and did not feel any of the was hard or unexpected.

Coventry Health Care

Tell me about yourself and your experience

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