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On a demandé à un Client Service Director Assistant...7 juillet 2014

One of the tricky questions that I recollect was "Imagine your colleague tells you that the printer/copy machine is broken, but we need print out in color a presentation for our client, who we have a meeting with in 30 minutes - what do you do?"

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The correct answer is as follows: 1. First you go and check, whether it is really broken, or just a paper is stuck somewhere or what's going on 2. If it's broken - check if you can fix it 3. If not, call service to come and fix it 4. Meanwhile use either other machine or ask a neighbor for help with printing Moins

Common Fund

There was nothing unexpected, he was a little low key but wanted to know if I understand the products retail vs. institutions, and if the products that I recommend are discretionary or non-discretionary, and at the end ask me if I was still interested

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At the end he told me that he has 2 positions to fill and interviewing 2 to 3 candidates from the outside and an internal candidate, that I would through a series of phone interview before deciding to bring me in for a one on one interview Moins


Both interviews offered a variety of situational questions, which required responses with examples of actual work or action.

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I was able to provide examples for all questions which required such a response.


Why do you want to work here.

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Wanted to get my foot into Fund accounting.


How would you build this department?

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I submitted a 90 day written plan.


Mostly experienced verification and philosophical thinking. Nothing complicated. RGP is still very old fashion. Very predominantly all white only top leadership and senior management.

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Straight forward, nothing difficult.


How will you perform biz dev in this role? What is your biz dev experience?

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Wanted someone with deep biz dev experience not just subject matter expertise.

SOC Telemed

Why would I want this position.

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I've always loved customer service and would love to travel as part of my job.


Quelles sont vos valeurs personnelles

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Famille, bien-etre, respect

State Street

Tell me about a project you worked on.

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I went into an explanation about the business plan I had created for one of my final projects in school that was designed to set up and run an indoor sporting complex facility. Moins

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