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On a demandé à un Finance Controller...21 mai 2017

The motivation to apply for the job

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Willingness to join the professional working environment of the top FMCF company


What is your vision for the role?

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Deliver and provide quality service. Leadership skill. Leading the staff with the best practice. Moins

Your vision is your most important dream or mental picture.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts

what systems experience do you have

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Hello,my name is Shohruh I'm from 🇺🇿 and at the moment I live in Russia 🇷🇺. I'm searching for a waiter job and I have experience with that job. I know Uzbek, Russian and English languages.Do you have vacancy for me?. Thank you. Moins

POS experience, cashier chum experience


Salary requirements and visa status

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Very similar experience with the interview process

Same way as I already filled in the application

What was my salary expectation.

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To make as much money for the finance department as possible.


Asked to describe my experience and why I was leaving my job

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Went over my resume and explained what I did


If required to be a team member in a team composed of persons younger in age and also lesser experienced than yourself, including the team leader, how would you go about ensuring positive contributions to the team's output?

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I happen to have worked in precisely such situations during my stints at systems and software developing outfits, where as a subject matter expert I was a team member but the leads and assistant leads were all software pros, but younger to me. My approach in such a situation is to first provide inputs whenever the team asked for it, in a manner that did not appear as if I was talking to junior people, but on an equal level with them, and to not overstep the mark with too much advise, etc. Secondly, it is important to respect the person in the top post even if younger and lesser experienced but don’t overdo this also. Third, be positively involved with the group, see how the project was progressing and contribute without being asked to prevent delays/embarrassments, etc., do your best to ensure all targets were met proactively, and most importantly share with them all successes, including going out to enjoy on positive outcomes, etc. Be sure to feel and to be seen as a part of the team, always! Moins

How is your people skill?

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Very Good

Did you do hedge accounting. trading , media buys etc

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I think i was clear about my skills and my experience


‘I worked on several projects that required creativity, but one really stands out?

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I tried to come up with a creative solution to provide the board with real options that would impact sales. Moins

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