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On a demandé à un Finance Director...19 septembre 2022

When will you be available for a call?

Autism Anglia

How my skills were relevant to the role

StrongArm Technologies

Experience managing multiple finance and accounting projects, deadlines and supporting teams. How to approach building early finance and accounting teams Perspective on good company cultures / general culture fit questions


Tell us about yourself. How is the current oil scenario going to impact the world trade What steps you would take to ensure financial discipline in an ongoing project

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Dear I am Md.Mamun-Or-Rashid. From naogaon, Bangladesh, There 5members in my family, For Being Companies guideline I think I ensure that I Would Complete the Companies financial goals from my perspective Moins

Always maintain Companies Rules and Maintain my junior qualigu to obtain Companies target Moins

For Being My superior support I will work In my heart soul and Companies project fully successful Moins

Ventura TRAVEL

Experiencia pasada, ejemplos y situaciones reales

MHD Rockland

Describe a challenge that presented itself in a past role and how you overcame it.

HEI Hotels & Resorts

Experience with property management systems and POS.

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Outlined all system used one at a time.


Basic behavioral questions. But without context


Why are you willing to take this position? Why should we be hiring you and not others? How would you rate your excel proficiency on a scale of 10?


Tell me about a time when you disagreed with management, what did you do and what was the outcome?

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