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On a demandé à un Director of Photography...6 avril 2022

Background details and Technical Know-How

Camp Skylemar

How you handle a child that didn't want to participate in an activity?

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First, I would ask them why they didn't want to and see there's just an easy fix. I would try to figure out how to get them included and make it fun (like a game) for them. Moins

Live X

After a thorough explanation of the job responsibilities, she asked me to explain my previous experience and why I was qualified for the position.

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When she explained responsibilities of the position, it was apparent that they weren't looking for a DP, but an AV/ live-streaming technician who could press record on a camera. I assured her that I am a seasoned DP and I would have to learn some of the technical aspects of live streaming...but that wouldn't be a problem. Moins


How would you insure that this is the right direction for Airbnb? (Will this be the right direction in 10 years? Think about implications for our product and our community)


How would you tie the photography brand back to Airbnb's core values and philosophies?


How would you push the photography brand forward?


what is the message of airbnb's current photography brand?

The most unexpected question is the one you are afraid to ask.

How u can move a file from photoshop to premier?

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