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On a demandé à un Director User Experience Design...4 août 2015

"Who should UX report to in a company?" This was the only question asked by the person who made the decision.

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Product Management (wrong answer)

Similar interview, they seem to have some really odd thoughts on this. It should definitely roll up to Product Management not Engineering Moins


Tell me about your work.

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I prepared a portfolio review. I walked thru the review and treated it like a pitch. One of the interviewers even asked for my PowerPoint template. Moins

The company called to have a good conversation about the recruiting process and clear the opaqueness. I appreciate the intent and the time to do this. Moins


What responsive design experience do you have?

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I have to ask if by responsive she meant a web or mobile app! She had meant mobile app, and I proceeded to explain that I had not only designed, developed, but also delivered 2 mobile apps that could be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play by following the links for both app located in my portfolio. Moins

"Responsive" normally means a web app which adjusts to different screen sizes including desktop and mobile. Moins


Explain a difficult concept you know very well in 2 minutes.

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I talked about continuous (Vygotsky) versus step-like (Piaget) psychological theories. Moins

Ultra Mobile

With multiple brands and platforms, how will you manage them across?

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Based on my experience I explain how i would execute it.


Recruiter: How are you doing after the <company here> layoffs?

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Me: I never worked for that company

Huawei Technologies

why work for a chinese company run from china

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they have lots to learn from silicon valley

Cisco Systems

I have been basically offered the opportunity to work there with very little questions asked. It was based on my previous work and personal recommendation.

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That I would like to use that opportunity.

Aviso Wealth

"How many years of designing?"

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I asked, designing what? What kind of design? Repeated the question without modification. By-the-numbers checklist, like a poorly-written market research survey. Moins


What is your process?

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I've mentioned that I try to find the balance between stakeholders wants, needs while focusing on user needs and technical feasibility of the solution. My focus is to find the main problem worth solving and get the right buy-in to push forward. Moins

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