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On a demandé à un CAD Designer/Drafter...7 octobre 2015

what is the experience with CAD programs?

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Need to have experience with Soliworks, or pass a course before hiring, and then make a test drawing for company Moins

ICON Aircraft

What is most important to you?

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Professional growth


How long have I been working as a piper and in what software did I work with

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I had started working for Dow Chemical as a Intern in Freeport Tx and I am proficient in Autocad and microstation and now Smartplant. Moins

National Aerospace Solutions

What software/programs did I have experience in?

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I replied with the software that I was certified with and had experience using.


previous experience. passion projects. background. interests. hobbies.

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One mentioned going to Autocad plant 3D. And asked how i would feel about transitioning to an unknown software.

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I thought this seemed exciting. I told them about my advanced classes in school. They seemed interested. Moins

Laser Technology

What was a challenging assignment and what did I do about it?

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A client was contributing too many ideas and the entire project on computer was in jeopardy. So I placed the Solidworks assembly on a laptop and set up a meeting to explain the differences between Autocad and Solidworks and how it applied to the significant changes he was suggesting. He was under the assumption that Autocad was a flexible software and changes could be made quickly. After viewing the internal complexities of the Solidworks applications, he agreed to calm the spontaneous invention ideas and progress the project. Moins

G. Cinelli-Esperia

How long have you been using Solidworks? / How good are you at Solidworks? etc

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Full time in the last year, that is, at least 4 hours a day, i think i'm good using solidworks to design and create assemblys modesl Moins

TEC Systems Group

Are you interested in learning a new software (xyz) in addition to what your hiring on for if you where to get this position?

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Of course! Having worked with a wide range of software's relating to drafting, most programs have similar layout/functionality allowing for continued education to be easier with each new program. Moins


What was your experience. Tell me about your previous employment

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I answered the question truthfully without any negativity about previous employers Moins

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