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Kids & Company
On a demandé à un Early Childhood Education Assistant...12 juillet 2018

Do you have any experiences working with children?

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Yes with my own. Raising three children 18 months apart

Yes I have 2 years with children

Kids & Company

How would you promote employee morale?

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I will Participate for any celebration like birthday. Baby shower ,if they have something sadness’s will be help her for difficult time if she allowed me . And buy gifts. Moins

By celebrating everyone's birthday with a gift card.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

I can't remember the exact question...but it had to do with working with paraprofessionals. This question became a more of a discussion about being young and new and possibly working with a para who has been there for 25 years.

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I would want to work with the para and slowly build it into my own. A lot of change happening fast is never fun. I'd rather ease my way into a situation and keep everyone happy. I am pleased to know that this school district provides training for paras more often than I thought. Moins

All About Kids (NY)

If I had my Licence in place

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By confirming I had it.

Charleston County School District

What is the most important part of the curriculum for ECE in your opinion?

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Literacy and the arts.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Why Colorado?

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I want to live somewhere beautiful.

Kansai International Academy

“Are you ready to take this challenge?”

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“Born ready.”

The Malvern School

How many years of childcare experience do you have?

Rock and Roll Daycare

Tell me about how you dealt with customer conflict in a previous job.

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