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City Pro Group
On a demandé à un Early Intervention Worker...30 août 2015

When I would be available and how many hours could I hypothetically contribute per week.

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I told them at the moment I could do up to 40 hours depending on location, client availability. Moins


What would you do if you walked into a house that had cockroaches crawling across the floors?

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I said I would try to remain as normal as possible but would ask the parents for some cleaner or spray. I said I would clean off an area to do therapy with the child. Moins

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Reviewed portfolio, asked for work examples, and asked how I would respond in a variety of situations dealing with children in the classroom and with parents.

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It's situational, but most questions were designed to measure ability to respond to classroom situations, during a crisis, or with difficult parent situations. Also asked about personal teaching philosophy. Moins

Personal-Touch Home Care

How many cases are you comfortable to have? How will you proceed if a parent tells you that child does not have a pediatrician, and doe snot have health insurance? What will do if the parent tells you that child was molested by a cousin? What steps will you take if you are calling the family but the parent is not responding?

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35-40 cases I will assist the family with an application for health insurance according to family income, and provide the family with a list of pediatrician in the home area for mom and dad to chose one. I will ask the parent is ACS is involved, if the family has a case int he family court, and if the family hired a lawyer to follow up with a law sue. I will provide the family with the information, list of lawyers, or legal aids, and I will ask if mom took child to hospital. I will send a letter to the family, if the family does not answer I will send a certify letter before I consider to close the case. Moins

All About Kids (NY)

If I had my certification. Preferable locations to work, and completion of my paper work.

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In the best possible way.

Center for Autism and Related Disorders

what is your exposure to a child with autism

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years of experince and training


Basic questions

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To the best of my knowledge from my experience.


they asked me about my experience working with children with developmental delays

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I did work for a private school with elementary school students with autism

NC Department of Health and Human Services

The most difficult questions were the scenario type questions.

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Very well due to my experiences

Thompson Child & Family Focus

Why do you want this job?

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I explained my background and the reasons I felt motivated to work for the company. Moins

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