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On a demandé à un Editorial Assistant...15 juin 2010

what publications do you read?

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You should probably say that you are an avid fan of their company.

Can you explain the 10 page assignment they gave you in more detail? What did they ask you to do? Moins

Hindawi Publishing

describe a difficult & stressful day that almost everything was about to be ruined & you were able to handle and fix it

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Springer Nature

Did you research Springer Nature?

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Described the different departments as I understood them, but they clearly wanted applicants to extensively know about the company Moins

I had the same experience. They were extremely rude to me. I actually had to hang up on the interviewer and I have never had to do that. Moins

Gayot Publications

What do you know about wine?

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I didn't even answer because the owner interrupted me as I was starting to answer and told me that if I tried to lie, she'd know. Moins

I worked there for 2/3 weeks? Dealing with that woman was a complete nightmare. And, the bathroom key is outside of her office so there's no avoiding her. The brother is equally horrible although he doesn't come off that way when you first meet him. Moins

Global Listings

A test prior to the interview.

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Have not passed.

What made you love writing? (More learning about you before discussing the job duties.)

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Writing teachers in college helped with my way with words and hone my skills to tell the most impactful stories possible. Moins

Endeavour Press

Do you have any questions?

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Give me some background on how you formed the company

What is your related experience?

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Described my related experience

Why did you apply for this specific position?

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I plan to use this experience to accumulate experience in my future graduate studies. Moins

Liftable Media

I was asked what it means to be a conservative.

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I replied that I believe that it means preserving our constitutional rights.

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