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On a demandé à un Content Champion (Editorial Project Manager)...20 novembre 2014

None, since they are that kind of company that would pick you for another round, and then not bother to inform you whether you made it through or not.

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Considering previous experience with WordAppeal - an application a year previously, and a conversation during an employent forum at my university - I got the impression that they do have a serious HR problem. Moins

When I used to work there it was the same. Revolving door of staff, no follow up on interviews, tests, CVs...sounds likes they should hire an "HR champion", or whatever on-trend word they're using these days... Moins

Contento De Semrik

He's very tricky, and I wouldn't trust him. don't try to impress him, just be yourself

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Just give your honest answer


Nommez un site internet bien conçu. Pourquoi le pensez-vous bien construit ?

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You need to know about good editorial formats: what makes a website "arborescence" work or not work, deep vs. shallow formats, what makes web content good or not, digital trends (motion design, infographics, interactive formats), social media integration, etc. If you really know your stuff, you'll also want to know about Content Management Systems (CMS): which ones work well for what needs, talk about which ones you have experience with, etc. Additionally: know corporate websites across the major industries of the French CAC 40 and be able to discuss them intelligently. WordAppeal has won awards for designing a number of intranets and internets, most notably for Elior (Top/Com) and more recently, Pernod Ricard. Moins


qualités et défauts?

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perfectionniste et perfectionniste


Citez une nouvelle tendance numérique dont vous avez entendu parler ?

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Know what's hot and what's not. Be able to intelligently discuss new applications or digital formats. WordAppeal stays on top of trends: they hold regular in-house "déjeuner tendances" and invite outside speakers to talk about developments in the industry. Moins

Springer Healthcare

Asked about past experience.

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I described my career up to that point.


- Pourquoi vouloir quitter votre entreprise actuelle (moins de 2 ans de boîte) ? - Pourquoi avoir choisi ces études ? Qu’est-ce qui vous a poussée au journalisme ? - Quel est le type de poste idéal pour vous ?


De quelle origine êtes vous ?


Combien gagnent-ils ?


Votre plus grande fierté ?

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