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State of Delaware
On a demandé à un Training Education Administrator...24 août 2016

They asked questions pertaining to the job.

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I answered the questions based on my knowledge and research.

New York City Department of Education

How would I get Health teachers to teach the curriculum?

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By providing professional training and support.

New York City Department of Education

The interviewer was only not asking me too many questions.

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I answered all questions politely but the interview was not really the problem.

State of Illinois

Don't remember- I think same as the application.

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Just each one honestly.

Kellen Company

Where were you? You missed the interview.

University of Birmingham

How have you used It systems and Microsoft Office? How do you prioritise work and keep organised? What interested you about this post?

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Just a basic overview of my background, work experience, could I handle the job. Very basic questions.

University of Virginia Health System

Behavioral and skill set based

State of Delaware

Questions were not difficult to answer if the resume was accurate and the interviewee had examples of past work.

Manchester Metropolitan University

What do equality and diversity mean to you and why is this important for this role?

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