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Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Liberia
On a demandé à un Director for Taxpayers' Education and International Relations...9 octobre 2014

What is the point goal of tax education?

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To make taxpayers pay their due taxes.

Goal to reduce the burden of parents for paying fees and improve the education system and to control the school fee structure Moins

Sylvan Learning Centers

"Pretend I am a construction worker and my kid needs expensive tutoring. Convince me to invest in Sylvan"

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This is an excellent example of what Sylvan Learning really is. Do not be deceived by their title, they are a money making business, and every student is a dollar sign. As an employee, your job is to sell and keep selling educational services to any and all customers, regardless of whether the child actually needs the service or if they can afford the service. Educating students is simply a means to an end for them. Moins

"An investment now saves you infinite amounts of money when its time for college and your son/daughter qualifies for scholarships." Moins

What is a weakness of mine?

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Training of faculty, due to time constraints

Questions about management experience and how to support the professional development of a team of teaching artists.

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Questions about challenges faced and how you worked through them, and about a negative situation that you wish you had handled differently and what you would do if it came up again. Moins

Everest College

How do you organize your day

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You must include information about reviewing metrics and performance standards then managing the staff to achieve the desired results. Indicate a sense of urgency with all matters. Moins

Universität St. Gallen

How many training managers do you know?

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I know a few, but more importantly I know how to contact and meet with any training manager. Moins

United Nations

what does equity mean to you

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I used personal experiences to elaborate on my understanding of equity in education. As a human and as a practitioner Moins


How would you develop training for a technical topic.

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C3 IOT training department you are crazy to be looking for a technical person to write curriculum. Does not work like that. You need an instructional designer and support them with SMEs who are technical. You whole thinking is upside down and that is why you are still looking to fill the role after 5 or more months of search. Good luck and keep looking with your crazy thought process. Moins

Redstone Residential

Do you actually want to be a part of this? We want believers.

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Nuvance Health

How do you manager conflict among peers?

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Situation based answer

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