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On a demandé à un Education Manager...3 mars 2019

Do you hate muslims?

2 réponses

No I don't hate muslims

No I love muslims, I see the person not the religion.


What religion are you?

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This is personal and I'd rather not answer that.



what's your computer broadwidth ?

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i don't know , but it is good enough for me


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Retired hopefully, traveling with my husband.

Ryerson University

It was a long time ago, but one thing I do remember is the Supervisor of the position asking me who I'd help first: a student, an instructor, or herself as my boss. I answered "student" which was incorrect for her; my first priority was to be my boss! Other questions were behavioural-type interview questions.

1 réponses

I answered incorrectly. I assumed I'd address a student issue first, but the correct answer was to address any issue from the supervisor of the position first! Moins


You are handling a team which is 1000 in number, we are not that big.. why would you want to join?

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Nothing Specific...

American Physician Institute

In respect to salary, they were unwilling to discuss where their budget ranged. They knew I had a great deal of experience, yet called me in only for me to realize they are a very low paying company and wasted my time giving me very little time to prepare for a last minute unprofessional interview.

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They're only interested in hiring people they can pay the least for and get the most work out of. Moins

Blue Yonder

What were some of the ways I've dealt with teams that are global?

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I've worked with several global teams over the years. Some more closely than others. Moins


Do you have any experience with CMS?

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I've used several content management systems.... (It did turn out they meant Client Management Systems, which I was able to speak to as well.) Moins


How did I feel about driving a ****** car?

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What did that have to do with the ability to do a good job?

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