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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
On a demandé à un Educational Assistant...13 mars 2017

Why did I apply for this position?

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Opportunities that are given.

Great job

Good job

Imagine Learning

Name a time at your employment where you had to be glexinle

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Do you mean flexible?

Yes. Not sure how my phone decided to change it to that other word.

I don't think that's a word bro

WE Charity

Why do you want to work here?

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Career prospects and excellent welfare and retirement packages

Be honest.

University of Houston System

Are you a policy driven person or do you believe in expceptions?

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There is no right or wrong answer to this.

Policy driven

Toronto District School Board

Explain what diversity means to you?

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Accepting any changes with respect.

The concept of diversity means acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique and recognizing our individual differences. Moins

STEM School Highlands Ranch

To tell them about myself. Which was hard for me to answer considering I have worked there for 4 years.

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That I don't like to talk about me. However, that I taught PreK for 2 years. Which I felt made made me qualified for the job position. Moins

STEM has great teachers, dodged a bullet... I interviewed with the EA boss via phone call and was hired. There was virtually zero training and I was told to train another new hire within days. Received no employee handbook ever, received no emails with policy or rule updates. Mandatory district training I was not familiar with (because I'd never worked for a school before) I was told to get the answers from other EAs so I didn't waste time on. Once I settled into my new role, I was moved to a different grade. Settled into that role and EA boss became increasingly hostile. In January, most EAs were moved to different roles. Again. End of January I was terminated without cause at the end of the day on a Friday. Moins

IXL Learning

What would your ideal job look like?

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Get as specific as you can with this. Whatever it is, make it sound like you genuinely love doing sales and sales-related stuff and would do sales in your ideal-perfect-awesome-sauce world. Actually, you probably won't be asked this if they already think you love sales; they asked me because I seemed like I didn't know what I wanted. Moins


Why should we hire you over anyone else? What do you read ? How do you prepare for a day in the field?

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The position is actually a educational sales consultant. Expectations re: skill set, experience, and time commitment are unrealistic for pay range, although the job appears interesting. Many faculty I was asked to interview were ticked off at Elsevier. Moins

Don't get too excited if they call you into a second interview. They are using you to gather Intel for free. They eliminated not one person from first to second interview, despite the fact that they stated they would only invite two to the second interview. They strong armed me into sending them my power point after I presented it and I haven't heard back since then. I was warned by collegiate faculty that I was being being taken for a roll the dice with these guys. They'll waste your time. Moins

Dyslexia Association of Singapore

Phonological assessment- "(Maid). change the /m/ to /b/. What do you get?" "How many sounds are there in the word snail?

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Bade. 4.

Hawkes Learning

What do you know about Hawkes and our courseware?

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Do a little research here to come up with your own answer. They write textbooks and create accompanying courseware. They're breaking into the market and trying to get their publications in more colleges. Because most of their publications are remedial mathematics, their largest client base is community colleges. Moins

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