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Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
On a demandé à un ELearning Developer...3 août 2014

Out of your list of skills, what is your biggest strength?

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Organization and time management

eLearning Company

What authoring software do you prefer to use?

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Articulate Storyline

CommLab India

What is your dream job?

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Dream job is to get a job which pays well and opportunity for growth.

Intermountain Healthcare

"Tell us about a time where you didn't get along with a co-worker and how did you handle the situation..... etc."

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I gave an example about a co-worker that was acting defensive about their work and how I helped them to look at the situation from a wider angle as it pertains to the company as a whole. I first listened to their concerns and made suggestions on changes that needed to be made to the project being discussed. Moins

Queensland Health

How would you edit this Video - delete background noise.

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Using Premiere Pro to edit the video.


The one that stands out is what is your favorite part of the job. This was supposed to help them place you.

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(not my answer to this question- but this company is nuts.)

H&R Block

How many years of experience would you say you have in Instructional Design?

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I thought this question was strange because it is right there on my resume, but I used it as a chance to reiterate how my 8 years of experience teaching are directly transferable. Moins


Can you create a mock training course?

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Both conversations (with HR recruiter and manager) went well, and I thought creating/submitting a mock training would be a simple request as well. However, the mock training request surprised me, as it required a complete training - with specific priority on content as opposed to eLearning elements (visuals, interactions, etc). My conversations with the recruiter/manager both stressed the role would be eLearning, not Instructional Design, which led me to believe either (1) they were unclear on what they were actually looking for, or (2) they were looking to bolster their training library. I created and submitted a file, highlighting only a sampling of content-writing ability, but with interactions/graphics/animations to demonstrate my ability as eLearning. I did not expect to receive an offer, as the rubric stated content was first priority. Moins

FlexiSAF Edusoft

Experience in the said role

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I gave them detailed info on my experience

MorphoTrust USA

Are you interviewing with anymore companies? If so, who?

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Yes and I don't disclose that information.

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