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Sunrise Engineering
On a demandé à un Electrical Drafter...9 novembre 2014

They asked how much I knew about a type of controller system. I had heard of it, but never used it so my knowledge was limited.

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I told them that I did not know much about the system, but I understood enough basics about controls that I was sure I would be able to pick it up if needed. (It never came up after the interview) Moins

Mission Electric

What's your knowledge of Electrical?

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I have a basic knowledge of Electrical since I've worked side by side with an Electrician in my previous job. Moins

Northrop Consulting Engineers

What would you prefer Mechanical or Electrical Engineering?

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This the honest truth. I like both disciplines and dont really want to answer that. Moins

TEC Systems Group

Are you interested in learning a new software (xyz) in addition to what your hiring on for if you where to get this position?

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Of course! Having worked with a wide range of software's relating to drafting, most programs have similar layout/functionality allowing for continued education to be easier with each new program. Moins


How much did I want my salary to be

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I'm open

National Oilwell Varco

What do you know about schematic diagrams. How long have you done this. Tell us about yourself. If two assignments were given to you both needed to be done today and you didn't have enough time how would you deal with the situation. How much do you know about the software and the system that we run on. How much experience do you have with electrical drawings and diagrams.

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I answer it to the best of my ability. Show them what you know and be yourself.

Burns & McDonnell

How well do you deal with stress and how would you do it?

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In a stressful situation, I would usually reset my mindset with a 5-10min break. I think it is the most helpful to find a right mode that boost efficiency and work ethic. Moins

Rockwell Automation

The hardest question was to identify symbols on an electrical drafting document. This may not be a problem for some with experience but for me, as a co-op, I had not had much experience.

Sargent & Lundy

In an event where it’s the last day to submit a project, what would you do?

Sargent & Lundy

Can you tell me how you handled a priority issue that took presidency over your other tasks and how did you handle it?

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