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On a demandé à un Software Engineer Embedded Systems...11 août 2014

How to swap 2 variables without using a third variable. And the team leader asked to write a code snippet for assigning 5 colors to the countries on the world map so that no adjacent country has same color.

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x = x + y; y = x - y; x = x - y;


Calculate the average rain in a regions when the values are positive, List given with integers, positive and negative

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Took the sum of all positive ints in the list and divided by the count of positive ints Moins

It's essential to demonstrate that you can really go deep... there are plenty of followup questions and (sometimes tangential) angles to explore. There's a lot of Embedded Systems Engineer experts who've worked at Zoox, who provide this sort of practice through mock interviews. There's a whole list of them curated on Prepfully. Moins

Appareo Systems

There was mostly technical questions like determine the output of a voltage divider and what it would represent in a 10-Bit decimal number?

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2^10 = 1024 so numbers range from 0-1024

I was in that interview as well. The question was "what is the range of a 10-bit analog to digital converter?" You have a 1024-bit range with starting index of 0. Thus, 0-1023 is the correct answer. Moins

Questions were asked on Logic Design, Aptitude and also Microprocessors

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My interview was a little bit different. I applied for digital domain initially for the written exam. After clearing the written exam I was sent into the Panel of logic design(there were three panels for three domains i.e. digital, embedded, analog) wherein he asked me some questions on logic design where i was unable to answer them completely. Therefore he gave me a choice to select one among three(C programming, aptitude, logic design) for the questions to be asked. I chose aptitude. He gave me 5 puzzles in which I was able to crack 4 of them. Later I was sent to the Embedded panel where he drilled down on microprocessors. I was able to perform well there. This entire process took around 3 hours to complete. Overall it was a very good experience. They'll surely test you on your subject knowledge. Moins

Microprocessor which concept we have to learn 8085 or 8086


Using C code write a routine to find a 32 bit frame start sequence in a raw byte stream buffer.

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Wrote code to perform the task taking care to understand byte alignment issues.

Let buf be the buffer, BUF_SIZE be it's size, ref_frame be the reference frame int i = 0, j = 0; while(i Moins


Write a function that will return x*7 without using multiplication?

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You could either do this by macro or inline (it usually would be inlined). inline int mulby7(int x) { return (x << 3) - x; } Moins

int func(int x) { return (x<3)-x; }

Arecont Vision

Explain the TCP state diagram.

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Passed. Didn't want to waste interviewer's time.


Using C++ code, write a linked list insertion method.

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Wrote code to perform the task


introduce your self

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Ahmed Ehab Yehia Shawky , a graduate of 2020 faculty of engineering alexandria university , graduated with very good with honors degree Moins

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