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On a demandé à un Renewable Energy Consultant...21 août 2020

Why do you want to work for us?

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To improved my knowledge and my good future.

Can get more experienced, motivated and for my best opportunity.

Excited and very interested to work with your company

Alpha EMC

They seemed put off when they found out. the project I currently work on pays about 2 .5 times what they were offering . I mentioned that I get 0.54 cents per mile to and from work since my company doesn't have a local office to provide me a truck. They say they reimburse gas and pay for oil changes and allow $ 500 per year for tires. I don't know what kind of tires you can get for that price. My F-150 uses tires that start at around $800 a set. Questions led me to believe that this is another bad company trying to find people who are desperate for work . I have worked for at least three contractors who promised such reimbursements , none have ever honored their agreement.

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I just told them about previous work that met their requirements.

I used a company credit card at the other companies. Often they don't work because someone athe company put the wrong pin in more than once and locked everyone with a company credit card out for sometimes as long as a day. At least that is what these companies claimed when the card was declined. They all say to keep receipts and fax or send photo of bill with your phone for reimbursement. Still waiting on quite a few gas and hotel bills to be paid nearly one year laterin some cases. Moins

In regard to company HR response .

Just Energy

1000 small cubes are made into one cube and painted and now taken apart then how many small cubes don't have paint on all three sides?

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512 without paint

Question asking how many small cubes without paint on three sides = the answer is 992. The big cube is 10 x 10 x 10. Only the small cubes at the corner (8 corners) get painted on three sides. Rest are either 0, 1, 2 sides painted. In sum, 1000 - 8 = 992 small cubes have less than 3 sides painted. Moins

British Gas

If you were able to, would you cut corners to get things done quicker?

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Cutting corners will show you will not carry out the company procedure's which could lead to issues due to steps not being carried out that's required. Moins

Hard to answer without sounding lazy! Caught me out a bit. Remember they want customer service skills & people who understand safety first principals for these types of jobs. Moins

Green Energy Consulting

I was asked if i was single or had a boyfriend?

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I actually said i would prefer not to say as i felt it wasnt necessary. The interview was nothing to do with the role and the two managers interviewing me, made me fell very uncomfortable. Moins

Totally inappropriate, and illegal.


Describe your knowledge related to the position? How can you use your knowledge to address the problem. Why to you want to work here?

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I did good. I am an expert on the subject coming from the materials science department at Argonne National Lab doing cutting edge research in this field. I had every qualification they where looking for in terms of energy storage expertise and simulation ability other than mastery of machine learning. They still did not give me even the 3rd level of interview. Moins

I might add that if you apply be cautious about revealing to much about exactly what you are researching and how you would solve their problems. It is possible interviews are being conducted with no intention of hiring. Protect your hard earned knowledge! Moins


Why do you want to work for Solar City?

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I have production line assembly. I have 8 year experience working well with others as group lead. Moins

I have experience in the energy industry and I know that Solar Power is the wave of the future. Solar City is the top company in the industry and I would like to be part of it. With my experience and contacts I would be one of your top representatives. Moins

Southern California Edison

Was there ever a time where I had to make a decision without supervisor approval.

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I stated what happened and why I made the decision.

I will be taking the assessment in Rosemead this week. What can I expect?

Richard Heath & Associates

Two days time to estimate a commercial solar roof project. Excel skills - Data analysis - reporting

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Do you happen to have more insight on the interview? Specifically what to expect on the technical portion? Moins

Estimated and emailed the answers Made sure I knew all the excel functions related to data - Pivot tables, Vlookup, Macros and If Moins


Why Did you do Bachelor of Engineering

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hassen zineeddine


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