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PA Consulting
On a demandé à un Analyst- Energy Capital Markets Practice...26 octobre 2013

Not so much difficult as unexpected - he wrote down 4 2's on a piece of paper and asked what you could do with them to make the largest number.

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2^(2^22) is bigger than all of those

If you only get two 2's I don't see what you could do other than 2^2...? I would really like to know what the answer to this is if anyone has ideas. Moins

Maybe take (2 x 2) ! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 ...? Is that even allowed? I don't know.

How would you describe Demand Response to a layman?

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Answered by talking about the general load curve and how you can save money/utilities can pay you to shave off the peak by shifting you demand i.e. charging EVs at a later time etc. A better approach would have been to give an analogy and talk about implications on infrastructure. Moins

Baringa Partners

Why do you want to work with Baringa?

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I just said the truth....that is a good company and a good fit for me...and then I explained why Moins

Baringa Partners

Study case on a 'hot topic'

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Analyses how are you thinking and your knowledge of the markets

City of Seattle

Name a prominent federal policy which governs our business

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Separation of Transmission and Marketing functions among entities


Tell me about yourself


The questions were pretty standard. They also gave me enough time to answer all of my questions, which I appreciated.


what are the important characteristics that you have and what are you looking to improve.


What factors might a thermal plant operator consider if deciding to stay open?

JBC Energy

There were a lot of energy market questions such as why Brent Crude and WTI have different prices for a barrel of oil, why the cost of oil is declining and what's the reason for such a decline, etc.

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