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NextEra Energy, Inc.
On a demandé à un Energy Trader...10 juin 2015

What did I about Fixed Transmission Rights contracts? I was applying for the electricity basis trading desk.

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I explained what I did with FTRs at my last job.

Portland General Electric

what do you know about our assets

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an overview of what their main generating assets are

Cobblestone Energy

Submit a paper on how Cobblestone fits into the market

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Wrote about the role on NPTs in the UK market

Aces Power Marketing

How did you hear about ACES?

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Puget Sound Energy

What do you know about the BPA transmission tariffs

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I said that I had no experience with the BPAT as the company I was currently trading for didn't reach that far. I went on to explain how I would go about investigating and learning the tariffs so I would be prepared when trading at Puget. Moins

Goldman Sachs

Why do you want to work for GS?

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I didn't - you called me.

SN Aboitiz Power Group

What could you bring to the table given you're a new graduate?

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I described how I can make use of how I solved and went through my undergraduate thesis and apply my knowledge in my degree to the job. Moins

Cobblestone Energy

What changes would be required for your country's electricity market to be similar to the UK's

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Compare the two markets

TC Energy

Had me work on a problem set applicable to the job and then review it with them. Was difficult as the information was incomplete. They wanted to see how you thought through a problem.

Statkraft AS

1. If a person says suddenly he cannot make it to the appointment and it is very important what will you do? How will you deal with the situation? 2. What were the major challenges in your previous work? How do you expect to handle them further with us?

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