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Brooks Automation
On a demandé à un Engineering Program Manager...1 septembre 2023

Why do you think you deserve this position? Tell me about yourself?


About my history and my goals, recruiter was late and only asked a few questions and left.


Specific 5G NR protocol questions relevant for the role. With the senior management: one of the interviewers was an individual from a completely different engineering field who had no prior knowledge of the cellular technology at all. I think this was done intentionally to see how I can explain highly technical matters to a lay person. Generic questions were asked: tell me about yourself and what you have accomplished in your previous work, etc.


Questions are mostly personal skills


What are the 3 most important things in project management? What is the thing that most annoyes you when you go to work?


what is your expected in this role?


Describe your goals outside of work. Describe your product management philosophy.

Cisco Systems

The questions were pretty standard for the role of a senior program manager with 10+ years of experience.

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I felt that in all the interviews, whether I was going to be a good fit for the Cisco culture and the team was as important as my skills and background. Cisco values people being themselves, so come to the table as you are, and be ready to answer soft questions about how you can be your best at work. Moins


Describing situations where something went wrong and how I handled the situations.


Common questions you can expect. Fairly reasonable.

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