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Bechtel Marine Propulsion
On a demandé à un Senior Engineering Technologist...18 octobre 2014

"I hate my job"... Its a statement the main manager of the highest paid engineers will just say and then he will wait and see what your response is. He is looking to see if you like a challenge or will get discouraged easily.

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Company follows an annual evaluation process on a 1-5 scale. Managers are not allowed to give out many 5s, in fact they push a bell curve of 15% - 2/ 60%-3 / and 20%-4. 5s are rare and managers are strong discouraged from giving them out. 3s get maybe 3.5% annual raise. 2s Get maybe ..... 0% raise. 4s get 5% and 5s get max of around 7%. It can get frustrating and there are strong unions in the trades as a result. Moins

Average raise is actually 2% for a 3 rating. A 4 rating gets almost a 3% raise. And rating are done to a bell curve so getting a 5 is almost impossible. Moins

UC Synergetic

What is your salary requirements?

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Was told they pay their engineers $48k a year starting out and that was non-negotiable. Moins

Duke Energy

Tell us about a time where you had to train someone on a new piece of equipment or a new process. What approach did you use?

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I talked about how I would transition to different shifts in order to provide the training on the trainees normal shift so it wouldn't disturb their sleep schedule or home life. Moins

Why would you like to work with Sleegers?

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I wouldn’t. And these fake reviews are making it worse.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Hopefully employed.


A co-worker is doing something unsafe, how do you approach them about it?

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You have a confrontation with a co-worker, how do you deal with it?


was asked to do some engineering drawings

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Hey if you don't mind me asking, what type of questions were you asked for the AutoCad skills testing part ? Thanks Moins


The typical question of 'Where do you see yourself in 5 years'? What do you want to do / what can you do? Experience and schooling? Personality questions. Pretty sure there were some Star Wars references and other pop culture questions thrown in.

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I've learnt to answer honestly and not stress out from these questions. The truth is 'I don't know'. I do know however that I want to experience a wide diversity of projects and roles. I want to grow. I want to try 'X' activities or grow 'X' skills and I want the team that can help me do that. I'd potentially like to PM or be in a supervisor role, however I'm not fixated on a specific title. Moins


Tell us about yourself, where did you go to school, what type of work have you done, do you know how to complete xxxx test.

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Be honest when you don't know something, the people asking know the answers and will spot your BS. Moins

BAE Systems USA

what is your 5 year plan?

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to complete as much training and education as possible to advance within the company Moins

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