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On a demandé à un Entry-Level Applications Developer, Belton, TX...22 janvier 2013

Write a code that takes an input number and outputs the sum of all the EVEN numbers from that number down to zero. Write a function that, given a number as input, returns the factorial of that number.

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while loop tests for number > 0 containing an if test that checks for number % 2 == 0 Moins

With the factorial question - ask if prefer as iteration or recursion. SQL - INSERT INTO Persons (P_Id, LastName, FirstName) VALUES (5, 'Smith', 'Mary') Moins


What software design patterns do you know?

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I was not required to take a course in software design patterns. A course in software design may be required at some local colleges where this may be covered but not all colleges including top CS schools. Colleges do not use these local colleges as models for the nation since their rankings are low. The interviewer was surprised I didn't read Software Design Patterns by the Gang of 4 in graduate school. This book is not meant for the student learner and not all graduate programs in the United States require the same things. Most offer many electives if they are a bigger department and may offer a college in this. Moins


Determine the ratio between two squares. A small square is inside a circle, and another bigger square contains the circle and the smaller square.

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Use the Pythagorean theorem on the smaller square to figure out the area ratio. The hypotenuse was the length of one side of the bigger square, so using the basic equation from the Pythagorean theorem was how this is solved. Moins


A series of programming questions

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A palindrome detection method, a few sql queries.

VGM Group

Questions on previous projects and tools used

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One of my projects utilized PID controllers, so I was asked to describe in detail what PID was, and how I applied it to my project.


Difference between a class and struct.


How do you manage school and work, and is it ever stressful?


"What sport did Michael Jordan play?"

Bloomberg L.P.

Sorting algorithms with efficiency calculation

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