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On a demandé à un Entry Level Business Analyst...8 janvier 2021

How would your friends describe you in 3 words

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Passionate, Persevering, Honest


what is your required salary?

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I'm looking for reasonable/competitive pay for the position. I'm curious as to the range of salary offered for the position by the company so as to assure we are working within the same range. Moins

Boss Enterprise

What about this position applies to you?

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I read your post about EL Business Analyst with interest. With my background and experience, I am adept with businesses valuations based on multiple analysis of the financials of an organization. I have a good sense of understanding the marketing metrics of a business and using those insights for creating sales, financial and growth forecasts. I have been a winning team member of Entrepreneurial Finance challenge in 2018 and have twice been a part of the Hult Business Challenge which focuses on entrepreneurship. I can create financial models as well as use marketing analytics. My experience has given me a well-rounded skill-set, including analytical and organizational abilities. I hope you will give me the opportunity to discuss my application with you in detail as I am very excited about the possibility of working for your organization. Thank you for your time, Moins


Why do you want to be a Business Analyst?

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I would like to become a Business analyst so I can utilize and maximize the skills I gained throughout my education. In addition, I enjoy strategic and creative thinking that results in efficiency. Moins


How does your non-traditional background fit with the Business Analyst Program at Deloitte?

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Was a personal response: team oriented, analytical, pragmatic, and hard-working.


How would you bring your team along to you level of success if you achieve it?

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Talk about selfless service and that teams are the reason companies work well, not individuals. Moins

General Motors (GM)

Describe a time where you went above and beyond the call of duty (or something along those lines).

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I provided an example of a challenging experience from my previous job.


What does the term consultant mean to you?

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A consultant is a expert in his or her own field or you can say in which they are worked or working on. Who can state you all possible outcomes with respect to their field for your question query or problem Moins

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

What words caught your attention on the job posting and made you want to apply?

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Explain your current position and duties.

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