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On a demandé à un Entry Level Chemical Engineer...18 juillet 2013

Explain how you can add value to the company with your knowledge and skills?

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Sadly because of my lack of experience and education I have few skills. What I do have is my work ethic and my constant desire to be be the best at whatever I do. I’ve always been a fast learner. I know I am right for the job , I’m looking for the job thats right for me. Moins

Be specific and give an example of an instance when you used your skills to add value to a project or a company as a team member or employee. Moins


Mostly behavior type questions; No technical questions.

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Just was honest and drew from experience in school and previous jobs.

Pacific Gas and Electric

What courses you took in college will help you with the position you are applying for?

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Thermodynamic, Mass/heat transfer, reaction kinetics, viscous flow, Mathematics/modeling Moins

Momentum Staffing Group

To walk through my resume

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I talked about my major and things that i had done in class that made me fit the position Moins


Describe a time where you advise your group to go with your decision. Why go with your decision?

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I told them about my design project. They were also interviewing some of my class members that are currently doing the project as well. Answers can be the same so back up your decision in how you chose whatever design you are doig. Moins

Procter & Gamble

They give you a very difficult pre-interview IQ test.

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Make sure to fully utilize the practice questions to come up with speedy and optimal ways to solve the questions Moins


Tell me about a time kinda questions

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Did you get an actual denial letter?

Olin Chlor Alkali

What is a feasibility study? What is preventative maintenance? What trainings did you receive that will help you in this position?

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Feasibility study is to study about scope of study and to find the bottle neck . Preventive maintenance as the name sound its the maintenance which has to be done every month so that we can figure out any future problem in advance . Moins


What is the ideal gas law?

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If you don't know this, you really shouldn't be a chemical engineer lol

SSOE Group

Before even passing me along to a second round interview, they discussed salary requirements.

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When I said that I was very negotiable, they pushed for an exact number.

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