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On a demandé à Entry Level Civil Engineer...10 mai 2017

basically normal questions, nothing technical, such as: do you have any relative experience in your previous jobs?

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Yes have the experience

I didn't have any such experience

What drives you in Civil Engineering?

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Problem solving, gratification to see project be completed, impress my parents


Where do you see yourself in 2,5, and 10 years

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Dear Friend; This is the reality, the interview is all fake it is just for paperwork only that the company is doing interviews. You were lucky that you went to interview, a lot of people are applying, and always they got rejected and I am one of them. Most of the jobs when posted are already filled my friend. The candidate is already selected and you were the bate. Sorry if this hearts you but unfortunately this is the reality, without a connection, you won't be hired. The same situation happened with me with Turner, the first interview I passed it, the second interview was in Chicago with 7 other candidates from different universities, and the same questions they asked me, nothing related to my experience, and at the end, they choose one with zero experience and her/his major not even close to the position posted. Yes my friend, Yes Moins

Black & Veatch

Typical interview questions

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Typical answers

Why do you think we should hire you?

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Future plans in regards to further studies or Board exams

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I answered truly.


They seemed most interested in my international experience and why I decided to become a civil engineer in the first place. The interview itself was definitely more of a discussion and the folks in the room seemed to really want to get to know me and see if I would fit in within their team.

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Don't talk too much and answer questions confidently and concisely

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

Why would it be bad if the slope percentage was too high or too low in a garage parking?

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the slopes are designed to allow the pumping of surface water to the hydraulic control channels that in turn interconnect with the rainwater abatement piping system. Moins

What programs did I work with in my school.

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Are you you comfortable with site work?

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They never called back.This was during the recession of 09

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