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Carollo Engineers
On a demandé à Entry Level Environmental Engineer...6 janvier 2022

What was your primary interest? Describe the project you had on your resume. Did you have design experience on the project?

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

describe your project? what was the most difficult thing

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I described my project and a few technical difficulties that I face during the course Moins


Why did you choose to go into this field?

Geosyntec Consultants

How do you feel working in the field?

Geosyntec Consultants

I am overqualified for the position, I think.

Trinity Consultants

Tell me about some of your prior leadership experience?

Trinity Consultants

What is one thing that has not come up yet that I would want them to know about me?

Trinity Consultants

What does your ideal company look like?

Trinity Consultants

What are your short term and long term goals?

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