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Clockwork Concepts
On a demandé à un Entry Level Marketing...24 mars 2023

Interview questions based of business

Stein IAS

Why pick B2B over B2C?


Do you have any experience with Canva?

Capital One

Data Structures using dictionary and simple if/else statements

General Dynamics Mission Systems

First interview was mostly screening questions, gauging interest. Nothing too crazy in terms of brain teasers etc. Tell me about yourself, asked if I was interested in front end/back end, where I see my future at GDMS, why GDMS, etc. Second panel interview was more so just digging into my skills and what was on my resume. Asked about my team management skills, how I solved problems, time management, as well as slight technical questions. No leet code or anything.


Why did you leave your previous role?


What is your expected salary?

Fisher Investments

Q: What do you know about Fisher Investments?

Macquarie Group

Why did you choose Macquarie bank over the other banks available?

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