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On a demandé à un Mechanical Engineer Entry Level...16 novembre 2022

What was your experience working in paper mills previously?


Tell about a time you dealt with conflict on a team


Questions about skills and experiences


Did I have prior experience documenting processes?

Highland Associates

Where do you see yourself in five years?

GMEP Engineers

Do you understand where there may be mistakes made and where the customer could find legal faults to attack the company?

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There were many levels to the situation and the first thing that I could do is recheck my work. The second would be to make sure that everyone using the plans also understand the work. Moins


What my salary choice was. How well do I work with others.

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I explained the range I was looking for and was excited to hear the interviewer encourage me to speak what I valued my self at. Moins


Identify where on this cycle is the fluid temperature highest? Where is the mass flow rate highest (trick question)?

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1. Identified on the diagram where the temperature was the highest 2. Mass flow rate is ideally constant, so it is the same throughout the cycle Moins

General Dynamics Electric Boat

if you get to choose, what department you wanna work for? Describe a time when you assigned a work to someone and did not do it?

NextEra Energy, Inc.

What is your professional experience?

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