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On a demandé à un Environmental Engineer...14 janvier 2013

What is the composition of air

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Composition of air Nitrogen 78% , Oxygen 21%,Carbon dioxide,water Vapour and other gases 1% Moins

Air contains 78% Nitrogen and 20.5% oxygen and 0.004% Argon and small percentages of other gases Moins

And the above concentrations are in terms of volume

Vedanta Resources

Why do you want this job?

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I passed B.Sc in Punjab University and Diploma in Environmental resources management in New Zealand. Moins

I study aboard. But wants work in my home country in India

Why would you want to work in middle east far from your home country ?

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I answered the question in a very calm way describing the opportunities I can grab in middle east and how they will furnish my experience and knowledge with time. Moins

I have been Working in middle east for 4 Years now as an HSE Officer,and working here is a great opportunity of getting more knowledge and experience in career wise and also its a good opportunity of advancing financial investments at home compared to the rate of income & experience in our countries. Moins

United States Naval Academy

Tell me a time when you dealt with a difficult co-worker?

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I talked about a problem that showed how I tried to help the difficult person, what the problem was, what I did to resolve it and how the problem was resolved. Moins

environmental protectionist interview questions

Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Why do I want to work for the company?

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Because I am motivated to provide clean water to the residents of Los Angeles

Was there any technical writing question?

Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Give us some insight into some Georgia EPD rules and regulations you may know.

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How would you deal with an uncooperative contractor?

What was the writing sample question?

Batutua Tembaga Raya

What do you do for a copper mine environmental management

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AMDAL in Indonesia, and did everything in the document

Earth Environmental and Civil

How can I approve work to the company

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I did well

The Energy and Resources Institute

The interviewer asked me about major/minor project undertaken by me at the graduation level.

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I replied that it was a group project and explained in detail about the project undertaken. Moins

Land Transport Authority

How would you solve an common, existing environmental problem?

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Long at what other industries/competitors are doing, and compare to find best solution Moins

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