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Clean Harbors
On a demandé à un Environmental Field Technician...20 février 2021

How can you ensure saftey for yourself and the customer

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By knowing what I am doing


Are you capable and comfortable working outdoors in various conditions? (snow/ rain/ heat)

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Yes I enjoy working outdoors.

Golder Associates

What is your experience with strict health and safety protocol?


There really wasn't any difficult questions. They did ask me some pretty detailed questions about some of the lab instruments that I used and it was slight difficult to recount those experiences because some were from a long time ago.


Describe yourself in the context of your education and experience.

EFI Global

Describe your experience(s) working with data and samples.

J.C. Broderick & Associates

Tell me about yourself? Do you have a car?

Golder Associates

How long do you expect to be in this position?

Golder Associates

What do you look for in a career/job?

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