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Whitestone Associates
On a demandé à un Environmental Scientist/Engineer/Geologist...2 décembre 2015

Asked me how far my commute was.

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Double my current commute.


What are areas of difficulties that you face and how have you worked to correct them?


Generic questions were asked. Technical questions included the interviewer listing off different aspects/duties of the position and for you to list your experience.

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Answer truthfully on technical questions, because the interviewers are industry experts that will call you on your stuff. I answered with relevant field experience in each of the aspects they listed. Moins

Burns & McDonnell

What are your expectations for the environmental consulting industry in general? What do entry level people do?

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Their answer: only after you've spent a great deal of time in the field will you being to write reports. Field locations are not always beautiful or remote, and are often urban. Moins

GSG Consultants

How did you find out about GSG?

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LinkedIn and Glassdoor

Apex Companies, LLC

Questions based on your skill set and past experiences - this will mainly be based on your resume and/or cover letter.

Apex Companies, LLC

Behavioral interview questions - e.g. Can you tell me a time that you had overcomitted on something.

Rush Memorial Hospital

How many years experience do you have geological field work since you've graduated?


What are your salary expectations

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