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BNSF Railway
On a demandé à un Project Manager - Environmental Permiting...7 juillet 2015

Questions related to project management, planning, scheduling, costing, tracking, regulatory, project financial, staff and vendor management. I was also asked about specific projects where costs were reduced, profits were increased etc. because of the decisions I made. Questions on potential to relocate, etc. I was asked for specific examples of how I think my experience, education and skills would help me with my role at BNSF if I was hired.

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Ok I figured. I'm waiting for results too so it made me wonder when I saw this. Thanks. Moins

Posted right after the interview. Should have clarified.

Have you already gotten notified of 'no offer' or did you post this right after the interview on July 7? Moins

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Ninyo & Moore

At Ninyo & Moore, we expect our employees to answer the phone 24/7 will you sleep with your phone and take it on vacation with you.

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Trick questions, because management does not answer their phone after 6PM and never on vactions or holidays. But you will be expected to. Moins

Come on. This question has never been asked anywhere except maybe of a Presidential Cabinet candidate! Moins


How would you overcome not being familiar with our products and installation thereof?

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I would read in depth on the manuals provided for the products, research their installation techniques, get advice from other managers that was offered to me, and continue to research the product in order to be ready for any problem that could arise. Moins

Research products and collaborate with coworkers to get a better understanding. I would also ask if it was a possibility to shadow someone with more experience and success in the field. Moins

Portage Environmental

Heard you know the job

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Done it for years

State of Indiana

Are you familiar with databases?

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William L Bonnell Company

If you had multiple tasks all with the same importance/deadlines, how would you decide which one to work on first?

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Consult with other managers to obtain priority consensus.


The VP asked me " I know you have the education and experience, tell what something about yourself that is not capture in your resume"

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I went over over my personality and how it will fit with the job

Healthcare Services Group

how have you previously dealed with difficult employees or co-workers

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The most efficient way to deal with difficult employees are to hold them accountable. Coach them up or Coach them out depending on the need of the facility. There is no one person more important than the ten itself but everyone has value. Moins

JBS (Brazil)

Do you have experience working with regulatory agencies

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Yes and spoke about my role dealing with TRI , TIER 2 and other regulatory interactions. Moins

Trademark Metals Recycling

What is Argon used for in the metal industry?

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Argon is used to create an inert gas shield during welding.

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