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BNSF Railway
On a demandé à un Project Manager - Environmental Permiting...7 juillet 2015

Questions related to project management, planning, scheduling, costing, tracking, regulatory, project financial, staff and vendor management. I was also asked about specific projects where costs were reduced, profits were increased etc. because of the decisions I made. Questions on potential to relocate, etc. I was asked for specific examples of how I think my experience, education and skills would help me with my role at BNSF if I was hired.

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Ok I figured. I'm waiting for results too so it made me wonder when I saw this. Thanks. Moins

Posted right after the interview. Should have clarified.

Have you already gotten notified of 'no offer' or did you post this right after the interview on July 7? Moins

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Ninyo & Moore

At Ninyo & Moore, we expect our employees to answer the phone 24/7 will you sleep with your phone and take it on vacation with you.

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Trick questions, because management does not answer their phone after 6PM and never on vactions or holidays. But you will be expected to. Moins

Come on. This question has never been asked anywhere except maybe of a Presidential Cabinet candidate! Moins

EMG Corp

I took an online test. 40 per cent consisted of multiple choice questions using tiny 17 KB color photos of objects that were expected to be encountered during site walks. The remainder were multiple choice questions about the Phase I process and what procedures are followed concerning dry cleaning establishments et cetera.

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I answered the questions concerning the photos to the best of my ability considering the tiny size and generally poor lighting in the photos. Interpretation of photos of features or pieces of equipment are not the way you do a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment site walk. You go into the site and see the pieces of equipment yourself where you will be able to identify them in context. You will also be able to touch, smell and hear when you are in the field doing the site walk. An example of the inappropriateness of this technique is a dark and tiny photo used of a round dark brown cover atop a concrete pad outdoors next to a building with what looks like possible stains near the cover and other objects with the question "is this significant?". This is not an adequate way to determine if the applicant can identify a Recognized Environmental Condition. The apparent stains could be water from a recent rain. I answered "yes" to be on the safe side because I could not get close to the objects to tell if they were stained from any substance other than water. It was just a photo. Moins

Tetra Tech

What value-add do you think yuou can bring to our company?

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Technical competence, client relationships and ability to work with others


HR has a timed computer logic test that they apparently give to everyone interviewing regardless of position.

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The test questions were around basic logic and math. Not difficult, just very odd. I've been to dozens of interviews over the past 20 years and I've never experienced anything like this. Moins

NextEra Energy, Inc.

I was asked about my current and past salaries.

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I focused on what I expected for salary in my response.


What is your experience with environmental management and compliance with regulations?

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I discussed how I completed a M.S. degree on the effects of storms on Oregon Inlet, NC. The thesis included a GIS database 1846-1996 showing that the frequency of coastal storms increases the width of the inlet. The impact of erosion on the Outer Banks community and tourism industry. Moins

EMG Corp

Have you done Phase I ESAs for warehouses?

EMG Corp

Why do you want to work for us?

ECS Limited

What experience do you have performing Phase I ESAs?

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