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SCS Engineers
On a demandé à un Entry Level Geologist/Environmental Scientist...6 mars 2023

What would you say is your greatest strength

SCS Engineers

What have you been doing since graduation?

TRC Companies

Where would you like to be in the future? How do you see your career progressing?

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I basically said I'd like to eventually be in the position my interviewer was in. Moins

State of California - Department of Parks

Hypothetical: Say that you are the project manager of a fish passage barrier removal project. What steps would you take to remove the barrier and repair the ecosystem?


What would make you a good candidate for this position?

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Explained my management and role experience with my current job

ECS Limited

How do you manage multiple tasks

H2M architects + engineers

about waste water treatment process


They tend to ask about your resume and the environmental field.

Tetra Tech

What experience do you have with soil sampling?

Terrapex Environmental

Please tell me about yourself

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