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On a demandé à un ERP IMPLEMENTER...9 décembre 2019

to speak in english

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very well


Give an example of a project were you involved in previously and in what capacity?

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I gave an example of a major project I was involved in and explained what I did. He didn’t listen to a word of it as was replying to an email at the time! Moins

Gamut InfoSystems

Past experience

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tell them all job profile, work

Chemonics International

Tell us about yourself education and experience.

Godrej Infotech

General questions like tell me about yourself, about your work experience, what do you understand by erps, accounting entries(COGS, P&L).


None. Questions asked were typical of companies in that industry.


Technical questions including past experience.


what is the profile that you are applying for

Gamut InfoSystems

Tell me about your self? And basic Payroll related questions,

yonyou Group

Asking me to introduce myself in chinese

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