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MTN Irancell
On a demandé à un ERP Business & Systems Analysis Manager...15 juillet 2018

what is your plan for next 5 years

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being in your place

Improving my working experience in a bigger company

Insight Global

What would you do if you I came to you with something insane or ridiculous?

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I'd (u'd) say your ridiculously insane

I'd say your ridiculously insane

HD Supply

Describe your approach to this issue ' there is a person in the team who is well respected, has a great deal of seniority but is constantly criticizing the project and claiming it will never work and the change will be for the worse. How do you deal with this?

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Get them ON the steering comity so they can see the reasons for the change and understand why. Also, discus with them directly that this is a mandate from C level management and will be happening. They can participate and improve the process, or resist and deal with the outcome of a successful implementation they resisted at every step. Moins


Asked me to went through the Resume and speak about my experience and background. Focused on the experience related to the position.

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I've summarized my experience and focused on the positions that were related to the job offer. Moins

Aristocrat Technologies

Would you apply all fixes provided by Microsoft

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No only pertinent fixes should be evaluated and applied in test environment . Only apply in production after testing and user sign off Moins


Nothing, they just wanted to know if I fit the companies job requirements. Then we reviewed my resume experience

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I gave my experience and resume

Liebherr Group

Ob ich ein bestimmtes Ereignis in meinem Lebenslauf als Scheitern wahrnehme oder bezeichnen würde.

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Dass es sowohl als Scheitern als auch als lehrreiche Lernerfahrung angesehen werden kann und ich es lieber als letzteres ansehe. Moins


How would you help mentor me in a new leadership role

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I explained that i thought it was the duty of any manager to ensure time and effort is put towards mentoring people in this position to ensure they can progress in there career. I would be will to organize regular 1-2-1 and ensure training material and advise as needed for anyone looking to move into leadership or in general in a role they want to progress in. Moins


When are you available for an interview?

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M-F, Noon-1:00 Wed: 8-9:30, Noon - 1:30, after 4:00p Thurs: 8:30 - 9:00, Noon - 1:00, after 4:00p Fri: 11:30 - 1:30, after 4:00p Moins


Mostly related to the job profile.

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Explained the work that I do. Asked questions related to job profile.

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