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On a demandé à un Facility Engineer...13 décembre 2013

Technical questions vary from one Technical Authority to the next. Must difficult would probably be what exactly is the difference between school and real life.

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After how long from your onsite interview you received the final decision call?

In real life the questions are not set up for you. You will not have all the parameters and you will have to make educated assumptions. Moins


If any issues happening with your team member, what you do?

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I have to investigate what is the issue depends will solve the problems

I have to investigate what is the issue depends will solve the problems


Tell us about some of your soft skills as well as mechanical skills.

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I have taking a lot of coding classes which include c++, VBA, and matlab. As well, I took a class that I learned how to weld. Moins

Intel Corporation

Questions in switchgears, cable testing, power quality

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I answered well


- tell me about yourself - why do you think you suit this role

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My answers were ignored by the Senior Manager.


not really difficult ques. was asked 2 me.

Fanavaran Hafiz System

what experience do you have

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I have 10 years of experience in electrical testing

Sine Wave

What are facilities are you will provide to the customer?

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Facilities are total Bldg Maintenance OF Electrical and HVAC, Firefighting , FAL System, Telephone, DATA , CCTV, Total Bldg control system. Moins

Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines

Are you willing to work in shifting schedules, holidays and render overtime?

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Yes, I have no problem working in shifting schedule, holidays. I can also render overtime. Moins


Which data center would you like to work at?

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I would prefer XX location-- to which the recruiter told me she couldn't process, despite the initial application. Moins

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