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Max Mara Fashion Group
On a demandé à un 3D Fashion Designer...9 septembre 2022

Q: In your future do you see yourself as an employer or an employee?

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A: Employer


Disponibile e flessibilità per un eventuale trasferimento.

Marine Layer

How did you know about ML?

Sweaty Betty

Why do you want to work for the brand?


Can you send me more work

MAS Holdings

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a designer


Why do you want to work with us? What will you offer in our company if you work with us?

Lalit Dalmia

How much experience do you have in embroidery

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None, I'm a fresher and this is a new domain for me that I'm looking to give my inputs in. Moins


Asked about aspirational brands, what my day to day is like in my current job.

Kate Spade New York

Why do you want to work at Kate Spade.

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