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American Eagle Outfitters
On a demandé à un Fashion Merchandiser...18 janvier 2021

What is a time that I struggled to overcome a challenge.

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I talked about working with a difficult team on a school project.


current role description, personal traits

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as per my current job desc

If you were a manager and one of the employees was not following policies (gave a specific example of greeting customers improperly), how would you handle it?

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The answer was to address the issue with the employee first, offering support and more training if needed--set up to win. After a warning, if it continued, then take them back for a meeting and write them up. Another occurrence and they are out. The point of the role-playing was to let the candidate understand how management would treat the employee (i.e. You!) if procedures were not followed. No messing around with difficult people, they do not want that kind of person working with their staff or customers. Yes, sir!! Moins


what type of opportunities for freshers?

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further care opportunities


What are your top 3 departments you would want to work in?


What are the main differences you observe in online and offline shopping?


What do you think about Zalando's free return policy?


What were some of your classes like?


Could you please tell me yourself?

Abercrombie & Fitch

What magazine influences your style?

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