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On a demandé à un Fashion Stylist...5 janvier 2020

What is your definition of current trends?

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I think it is to dress healthily and comfortably, respect your choices, wear what you like best, show the strengths of your body, and feel happy Moins

Ever versatile. People with body’s all shapes and sizes are being catered to more now than ever. 2020 is the year of style with comfort! Simplicity has always meant more and it’s showing. Moins

Have u ever styled something in your experience?

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Yes, in my academic years I have many projects. One of it was running a business. I was the creative director and fortunately my company was awarded as the best company looking at the performance and brand awareness Moins


Hats off Production

How do u decide what suits whom in television?

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Depends on characters and their body types,den lifestyle as per d character of d story. Moins

previous job experiences

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what do I have in me to work in a company like dharma

Global Brands Group

What are your strengths?

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Managing multiple tasks in a high stress environment.

Lane Bryant

How would I describe my fashion?

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I answered in a multiple segmented answer as fashion depends on the activity.


You are from a fashion glamour background,And this job is monotonous would you be interested still doing this?

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Obviously why would I not.As I am searching for something unique and the job is really interesting for me that’s why I played the game and showed a lot of dedication for the assignment within a day. Moins


How will i generate a clientele to sell to on a regular basis?

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I believe in quality merchandise + great customer service = Return customers and referrals of new customers Moins


Você está disposta a se relocar?

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Sim, só precisaria de um prazo.

Marks & Spencer

Which colours ,trends were in last autum winter 2018

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silver, pleats, capes,Rust,Musturd,trench coats,Leather...etx

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