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On a demandé à un Field Applications Scientist...29 avril 2010

What do you want to do?

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Interact with other scientists


Why do you want to work with the company in this position?

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I said I liked science and helping people trouble-shoot their problems. I form a good rapport with people and enjoy hearing their thoughts and discussing out where they are having issues. I thought the company provides a novel technology and would be interested in showing other people the utility of the technology. Moins


Provide an example of a time when you had to troubleshoot a scientific problem.

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Case specific.


What would you do first if a client came to you saying that their unit wasn't working?

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I would first find out if there is anything physically wrong with their unit by having them run a demo experiment that I know will work. If it does, then we would move on to examining their protocols and determining if there is an issue there. If the demo doesn't work then we would set up service for their unit. Moins


Do you have experience with RNA expression profiles?

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I do not have any expression experience. This was tough for me to admit, but I did. Then I said "But I am very interested in learning new things, and I am a quick study." Moins


Technical problem and Personality questions.

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focus on logic thinking and be open and positive personality


What happens to your signal in a western blot if you don't use saturating amounts of antibody?

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I said you would not be able to tell differences in protein concentrations between high and low expression levels of target protein. Moins


What can you tell me about a field application scientist?

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I told him in my experience, a field application scientist demonstrated how a particular new technology or technique worked. Often, trouble-shooting one-on-one projects for a specific person and helping them get their assay to work using the product. You usually work in a specific geographic location and work with sales people to help their costumers and answer their technical questions about the product. Moins


He asked about my experience in DNA testing and what I knew about the company. I was also asked how I felt about the technology and why I wanted to joint their company.

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I told him about my HPLC, Mass Spec, qRT-PCR, and WGS experiences.

Golden Helix

What does our company do?

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You should know what any company does before going to an interview- check out their website (google Golden Helix and explore). Basically, Golden Helix develops DNA analysis software for a wide range of applications, from research to clinical use. The software can identify and annotate genetic variants, from germline to somatic, based on a wide array of algorithms and databases. This is all done in an easy to learn format (no coding required) and makes it easily adoptable into different settings. The FAS team is the backbone of support for this software, both doing software demos and trouble shooting customer problems (way cooler than I'm making it sound). Moins

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