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On a demandé à un Field Applications Engineer...13 mars 2019

How comfortable you feel programming in C++?

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Can you provide any insight into what kind of code was discussed or if anything was asked to be coded up? Moins

They assessed that by discussing some lines of code


What do you want to do?

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Interact with other scientists


Caching during contacts loading

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Application loading concepts and process of platform

CPU Tech

Do you have experience programming a PPC or Risc processor ?

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Why do you want to work with the company in this position?

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I said I liked science and helping people trouble-shoot their problems. I form a good rapport with people and enjoy hearing their thoughts and discussing out where they are having issues. I thought the company provides a novel technology and would be interested in showing other people the utility of the technology. Moins

What is you experience and describe the project you done?

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I have 5 years experience as application engineer and design at MCU field,I design a very popular MCU for consumer market. Moins

Engenius Technologies

Questions about 802.11 ac scalability and deployment. when would it be recommended to shift from 2.4 to 5 GHz 802.11 standards like n and ac. What are requirements other than the APs. Client side requirements like Client radios, existing Ethernet network.

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The manager seemed happy with my asnwers

Astera Labs

There were numerous interviews with lots of technical questions but one question that stood out was the classic "tell us of a time where you did NOT do something right" and I told a story where I snapped at a customer.

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The people on the interview appreciated that I was admitting I was human and how I dealt with the situation afterwards that was most important. Moins


Provide an example of a time when you had to troubleshoot a scientific problem.

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Case specific.

Texas Instruments

A circuit was drawn on the whiteboard consisting of two op-amps with reference voltages and and input voltage going into both op-amps. The outputs of the mosfet each had diodes, which were both attached to the gate of an n-channel mosfet, which had the source attached to ground, and the drain attached to a resistor which was connected to a reference voltage. I was then asked if I knew what the circuit did.

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I was not familiar with the circuit, and did not know it's output/operation at first glance. However, I told the interviewers that I could walk them through how I would go about solving the circuit and figuring out what the output would be. I choose two different input voltages and analyzed the circuit and resulting output for each case. My analysis and output was correct for each case, and they told me the circuit was an op-amp window comparator circuit (a simple google search will show you the basic circuit that I described above). Moins

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