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On a demandé à un Associate Account Manager (Field Sales)...6 octobre 2016

Tell me about your sales experience.

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It's good and want to be speak polite to the customers and want to interact with them that he wants to like come back to the shop again Moins

It was quite exciting. Because different types of customers comes to me and everybody have their own need. So i always try to fulfill their needs,so that they can come to us again. Moins

It’s good experience to me because i can interact with different customers that make me more knowledge and good contacts with them and also according to that i can understand there needs so we can full filling their needs. Moins

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First Transit

FMLA, ADA, Title VII, Union experience, policy and advising, customer service, professionalism, travel to sites and locations.

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As per Richard Gonzalez "Spot on", " You knocked it out of the park", " I'm satisfied with the answers you provided". Moins

Richard Gonzalez the Site Manager and Joe Pollock, the Field HR Manager are Shady! I went to an interview with these 2 jokers and the interview went well till pay was discussed. They wanted me to take an Field HR Manager role for 15 to 17 an hour. i told them I made more than that in my current role. Joe Pollock said to me and Richard Gonzalez agreed, that "because I didn't build it" meaning because I didn't build the site with recruiting, staffing, organize the file, that the role would be more like an HR Clerk?......I applied for an Field HR Manager role, I received email confirmation that the interview was for an Field HR Manager role, and yet these people did a bait and switch on me? Later in the interview both Richard and Joe, had the nerve, to say "don't think that the pay is a step back, think of the future opportunities, business is growing and new accounts are being gained". To which Joe Pollock, said "yea, Orlando Field HR Manager, pays 60 to 70k"... Are you serious? Are you kidding me?! That was the salary I expected from the job I was interviewing for, not being scammed to take an HR Clerk job, with the responsibilities on the job description for the Field HR Manager role. In the interview I asked the number and what was the demographics of the employees? Joe Pollock said near 100 and the majority are "Caribbean" people. To which he added they are suspicious of management and like to test the boundaries as all drivers are union backed. interesting assessment Mr. Joe Pollock. To conclude, these jokers, Richard Gonzalez and Joe Pollock are bad news. They think they can hire some misinformed person for jobs at their location. They offered me $15- $17 an hour for the Field HR Manager role. The average of 15-17 is $16 $16x2080(work hours in year)= $33,280 a year Remember he said the same job in Orlando paid $60 to $70 a year. The average is $65,000 a year. $65,000/2080= $31.20 an hour. $31.25/2= $15.62... As you can see they wanted to hire an HR Field Manager at almost 50% the salary. These people wanted to save money with salary to probably pay for another position, such as a driver or maybe a bonus for them in being under budget for payroll. Who know , but who ever reads this, I hope you take into consideration that these asshat jokers are scamming people! Don't waste you time here! Moins

Thank for writing this review. I saw the job ad and I was looking to apply but with your detailed account of what you experienced, I decided I should not waste my time. Moins


Are you willing to relocate to Charlotte?

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You dodged a bullet! Unless you’re super into micromanagement, being talked down to, and lied to. Leadership seems to think they have everything figured out and they are smarter than everyone else. They somehow think everyone buys their BS. Glad you saw through it as many others do. Moins

I interviewed there for a Sales Director role and was even given a verbal offer. We negotiated some comp items and a start date with the understanding that an official offer letter would be in hand so I could give 2 weeks notice and start on March 4th. No letter, after reaching out on several occasions. After almost a week I get an EMAIL from the VP of Sales in Charlotte that I wasn’t a good fit for the role. This was after a month in the process, almost 8 hours spent in CLT office meeting with reps, leadership and a total of 2 hours speaking with their CRO. When I asked for a call to discuss this change in direction I was ghosted completely. Stay away at all costs!! Moins



Give me a 30-60-90 day plan

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For sales this is pretty typical, learn the territory needs, build a plan to attack, start attacking with feedback. Moins

Feel lucky that you weren't hired....most unorganized company....find a real place to work. Moins

Smollan Group

Details about past experience

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I was a merchandiser employed by the Daymon company

Shared the key achievements


do I like working with my hands

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it depends on the work

Curious post, since AstroNova has not been recruiting for a "Field Sales Manager". Nor did we have a new HR person doing interviews in February. We always strive to treat our candidates with courtesy and respect and continue to look for talent to support our strong growth. We apologize if you had a negative experience with our recruiting process and if one of our staffing agency partners contributed to your negative experience, we would like to know who they are. Thank you. Moins


Case studies.

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Productive and company targets oriented.

2020 Companies

Tell us about your telecom experience

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I've been in and out of the Telecom business for about 10 plus years. I've worked for AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, and Apple. It's my favorite field, and one of the best work experienced I've had. Moins

Background in sales and leadership

2020 Companies

Do you have reliable transportation? Do you have insurance on the vehicle?

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Yes. My truck is paid off and i have insurance

I have a 2018 Ford Fusion and insurance and payment is paid.

Premium Retail Services

Comprehensive questions about prior work experience and competencies.

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Everything is seen as experience

There were no trick questions. The Director was assessing my competence to fulfill the duties and aimed to elicit clear understanding of position expectations. Moins

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