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Warner Bros.
On a demandé à un Film Editor...25 octobre 2021

What is the best part about editing?

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Putting my vision together

Assuaged Foundation

What do major in and how can that contribute to the company?

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Because I have studied the process of filmmaking while majoring in it at CSUF, my knowledge would be beneficial in helping the team create and edit videos. Moins


What I was looking for in my career?

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I wanted a position where I navigate among different creative positions. Not be as tied down in the traditional sense. Moins


How well do you know ProRes 422?

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Learn about Final Cut pro's High def cutting formats.

how to operate camera and experience in editing

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i answer the question with my own experience


Can you bring your own laptop to cut with?

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How much are you paying per week to rent my laptop?

What do you love about the industry?

Universal Studios

Can you sync dailies?

Passionate about creating film content?

Universal Studios

How many films have you assisted on?

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